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Attractive Designs to Invigorate Your Home

Updating your home or office space has been on your mind for years but you weren't sure where to start! At Cameo we make the design process easy with hands-on help, personal shopping and colorful Idea Boards to help visualize everything before the work is done. With your input we will re-imagine and re-work the room and take it to new design heights! We offer a simple fee structure with no hidden commissions or extra charges. So work with us and start enjoying your surroundings with new and exciting ideas to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are moving into a new home or  want to update your home or office, Cameo will make you appreciate your new look for years to come! Please see below for more on our Design services.

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Home Design

Let us help you design your dream home room by room. We start with a Consultation to determine your style preferences, timeline, and budget, Once the proposal is accepted and the Design Agreement is signed,we will personally shop online or at retail stores for the furniture, lighting,  accessories etc; to create a customized look that accomplishes everything on your wish list. Things like paint colors, kitchen finishes, and storage solutions can also be discussed. We will also communicate on-line by suggesting links to products that you may purchase on your own. You will always have final say in the selection and will be in possession of any and all purchase receipts from Cameo at the end of the project. We will work with you to create and install all the pieces if needed or just give guidance for the homeowner to do on their own or a combination of both! See Services Below.


Cameo Free-style

If you want a new, fun look for your home but don't want to spend money on new furnishings, our Cameo Free-style is perfect for you. This service is available for the entire house or a single room. It may also include interiors and exteriors. During the Consultation, we will review your style preferences, your current furniture, and accessory layout. We'll determine which pieces will stay and which pieces will need to be re-located, as well as the availability of other items throughout the home. Any piece you want to incorporate into the new layout must be in the home the day the service is started. On the day of our appointment, we will come to your home and start the Free-style service by re-designing, re-using, and re-purposing items from your existing furniture and accessories. No new purchases will be added but we may leave you with a "Shopping Wish List" describing items you can add in the future. This service includes all accessory installations, such as curtains and artwork, and furniture placement. For heavier pieces, you can either provide your own movers, or we can suggest professional movers.

DIY Style Report

The Style Report is a great tool if you plan to update the look of your home on your own and just need guidance and design ideas from a professional. We can help you with your entire home or a minimum of 3 rooms/spaces, as well as help with interiors and exteriors. After the Consultation, we will produce a customized Style Report with color photos of suggested new style ideas for each room. the Report will also have a detailed step-by-step, prioritized guide of how to achieve the desired look. The Style Report may address things like furniture layout, accessory placement, paint colors, tips on organizing, de-cluttering and storage and retail purchase suggestions.

Idea Boards

Our digital Idea Boards are invaluable for the homeowner who needs help envisioning what the final product will look like. Their colorful graphics and 3-dimensional layering process will give you a digitally designed preview into what your room will look like before the design process starts. Whenever possible, the Idea Boards will feature your actual furniture imposed in the picture or at lease a close representation from an on-line or retail store. We can create any number of Idea Boards for a room but typically do from 1-3 different versions of the room with a separate fee for each version or board. While not done to accurate measurments, these boards can still show you the overall concept for the room and how the furnishings and colors will work together in the space. The Idea Boards are an extra feature of the Home Design process and are $80 per board with a special 3-Board package available for $220 for any room.